In the past, smugglers used to transport their weapons by hiding them in fish. Apparently, it was less likely to be found by the cops because of the stench given off by those fish. Normally, it would take the shape of a fish, but the whole thing can be used as a weapon in a time of need
  — Item Description 

The Improved Fish Gun is a 1-Star Gold Grade Assault Rifle first released on Combat Arms Global on September 30th, 2015.


The Improved Fish Gun is a weapon often used by the AI in Single Player mode and is exclusively obtained through the Single Player Mode Gold Box, which can be obtained by completing a match while using Single Player Gold Tickets, making this weapon's rarity, along with the other 'Improved' gun series, higher than average. Although the Improved Fish Gun's weapon design shows an AK-47 inside a fish, its stats are not identical to it nor any other variant in the AK series. In comparison with the AK-47, the Improved Fish Gun has:

  • 9 Points less in Damage
  • 3 Points less in Weight
  • 50 Points more in Fire Rate
  • 16 Points more in Accuracy
  • 15 Points less in Recoil
  • and 240 Points more in Range

The AK-47 can also use Scope and Suppressor Modifications while the Improved Fish Gun cannot.



Fish Gun


Gold I
Improved Fish Gun
Fish Gun


NX Rare
Improved Fish Gun
Forged/MARK II
Fish Gun (FAMAS)


  • The Improved Fish Gun is the first and only variant of the Fish Gun series released.
  • Although the Improved Fish Gun is titled as an "improved" version of the original Fish Gun, the original Fish Gun has yet to be released.


  • The drawing animation of the Fish Gun.
  • The firing animation of the Fish Gun.
  • The reloading animation of the Fish Gun.
  • The sprinting animation of the Fish Gun.

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