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The Ice Ball Rifle was a gun that was equipped in the secondary weapon slot. It could only be used for Snowball Fights, a retired game mode. The Ice Ball Rifle looks like an oversized toy water gun and only has three shots, similar to the LAW and RPG-7. It fires ice balls that explode on contact, which release gas clouds that damage enemies on contact.

This blue cloud does damage similar to the G7A Gas; it causes the screen to blink blue instead of purple and it also vibrates the camera as they are taking damage (to imitate shivering). There was a major glitch on this weapon; when the blue gas itself disappears, the effects of the gas do not until a short time after. This caused confusion as players walked pass where the gas once was and still got damaged. The Ice Ball tends to disappear when the player fires it while Bunny Hopping, wasting an Ice Ball.


  • Most people don't know about the secondary attack, for it is not clearly explained in the website nor official sources and therefore forces players to experience it themselves or use a third-party source (like this one).

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