An optical sight for close quarters combat that facilitates aiming. Offers a lower magnification than ACOG scopes. Purchase this item with NX to gain access to Renewal and deletion.
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The original reflex sight, the iTech Reflex Sight (actually the EOTech Holographic Weapon Sight, but Nexon used the name iTech to avoid a law related to copyright, like the HK416 being the M416) was made to provide a slight advantage in CQB for Command Sergeant Majors and over.  It is the GP cousin of the HDS-4 Reflex Sight, which is its Black Market counterpart. Some NX or supply case guns have built-in iTech sights or cosmetic variants thereof (examples include the MTAR-21 and the M4A1 SOPMOD)


These scopes, when zoomed in, will increase accuracy and slightly reduce the spread of bullets of the gun. Now with a lower spread of fire, bullets would go left and right less, but recoil stays the same (however, it is shown that this sight can slightly reduce some recoil). However, to make up for the increased accuracy, the iTech has a very limited magnification range. This makes it best suited for short to medium range, though it is still usable for long range engagements. The slow scroll speed and the range issue make it hard to hit a fast moving target from close range. However, increasing the sensitivity when camping works efficiently. The only downside is the over-sensitivity when attacked in close quarters.


  • This modification is often preferred over the HDS-4 Reflex Sight, as it has a clearer dot which allows for more accurate shots.
  • The iTech also is available for GP, another reason why it tends to be used more often.
  • Its name, iTech, is modeled on the real-life EOTech.
  • When looking at another player, who has a weapon with an iTech equipped, you can see that it actually looks like the red dot is drawn on a black surface - you couldn't possibly see through the non-transparent surface.
  • In several recent loading screen pictures, it appears that the iTech is using its night vision feature.


  • The scoped in animation of the iTech Reflex Sight.