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Br De Fr
Main INSAS Rifle
GP cost

1 Day - 1,100 GP

7 Days - 5,390 GP

30 Days - 21,450 GP

90 Days - 59,400 GP


Ico rank11 03Second Lieutenant/III


Low Due to Rank Requirement


Integrated ACOG Scope

Ammo capacity


Rate of Fire74
Firing modes






Iron Sight

Hailing from India, this rifle combines technologies from many different firearms including proven designs like the AK-47 and the M16 family of rifles.
  — The Arsenal 


The INSAS (an abbreviation of Indian Small Arms System) Rifle was introduced into Combat Arms during the Fusion Update Part 3 on 10/29/11. The stock, pistol grip and forearm of this gun has a unique forest camo which blends well in darker maps such as Brushwood or Dark Forest. In terms of statistics, the gun is very effective, with high accuracy, average damage and superb rate of fire. With the same amount of stopping power as the M416 and fast fire rate, the INSAS Rifle is an effective choice at close ranges. Despite this, the INSAS Rifle also excels at medium to long ranges because of the pre-attached scope and high accuracy.

The weapon has a rather average damage,which will net it many 4 hit kills. It is a consistent damage amount,and it has rather average range. The damage will only change when it is being fired outside of its effective range,where the weapon will either cease to hit its target at all,or the shots that do hit suffer major damage drop.

The rate of fire is average for an assault rifle. It does not fire slow enough to be a liability if surprised by an enemy,but it does not fire fast enough to hinder usage of the weapon at longer ranges.

The accuracy is quite high when unzoomed.The reticule is smaller then most assault rifles,but it does not reset to its minimum as quickly as some. It is still no slouch,but it can't fire as many shots before the spread becomes too large to be accurate.The maximum reticule size is average for most assault rifles,leaving full auto fire as a viable option.

The recoil will kick up for the first 4 shots,then it will start to drift left or right diagonally,alternating between the two every 5 shots after the initial. This leads to the recoil being quite predictible for smaller bursts,and it is a very good weapon for tap-firing.

From First-Person Perspective, the INSAS Rifle bears much resemblance to the AK-Family, with elements of the M16 Family, G3 and the G36E. The pre-attached ACOG provides the gun with a medium range advantage, which could also be utilized in medium-long ranges with the use of tap fire. Although the recoil stated by The Arsenal is 67, the INSAS Rifle is a weapon of controllable recoil, much like the recoil pattern of a G3.

Other advantages of this gun include the fact that the INSAS Rifle has a very quick reload time. The only downside to this weapon is the portability of 63, which is below average for an assualt rifle.


  • Like The Arsenal states, the INSAS Rifle is based of the AK-47.
  • The weapon has a unique pre-attached scope, as it does not display Health and Ammo or Range (like the M416N).
  • This is one of the first GP weapons to come with a pre-attached ACOG.


  • Drawing animation of the INSAS Rifle
  • Firing animation of the INSAS Rifle
  • Reloading animation of the INSAS Rifle
  • Scoping animation of the INSAS Rifle
  • Sprinting animation of the INSAS Rifle

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