A functional hat with a pocket to store electronic devices.
  — The Arsenal 

The i-Pop Hat , spelled as the i-pop hat, is a unique hat released in the 8/11/10 Mid Month Supply Drop.


The i-Pop Hat gives a unique +2 speed and + 10 stamina. Aesthetically, it is a simple grey cap with a red trim on the front. An MP3 player is hanging from the side into the player's ear.


  • It is obviously based off the "i-Pod" franchise.
  1. There is what seems to be an i-Pod shuffle 3G on the side.
  • It doesn't actually play music, or hold any functional "electronic device".
  • It is currently unknown why the letters in the name are lower-case. It could be a spelling error, though the "i" in each iPod merchandise is lowercased.
  • The name 'i-Pop' is probably another copyright avoidance move by Nexon, like the Itech > EoTech and the M416 / 417 > HK416 / 417.


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