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The Host Infected are a unique type of the Tier 1 Infected.


People who have contracted the Host Infection may have had indirect contact with the virus, which caused them to become Infected in the first place. Several known methods of contracting the Host Infection is through very direct contact (such as a needle injection) or diffusion through the air (by involuntarily breathing it in).

In fact, ALL of the original test subjects eventually became the precursor Host Infected because the virus directly influenced their DNA. This is a major bio-chemical difference compared to all the other people who have contracted the virus from someone else instead.

Due to their unique genetic make-up, the Host Infected have much more variation potential than Viral Infected

Although controlled by players, they could be the most intelligent of all infected.


  • Host Infected have much more HP compared to Viral Infected.
  • Host Infected have much more stamina compared to Viral Infected and Humans.
    • An exception to this are Viral Strikers, since they have unlimited stamina whether they are host or not.
  • Host infected have pale, white faces, which are different from the red, bloody faces of the Viral Infected

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