This is a historical page that documents Weapons, Gear, Modes, Maps, Sales, or Events that are no longer available, and as such, information should only be added.

Honorable soldier sale

Have you ever wanted to do battle in someone else’s shoes? Now you can with the Honorable Soldier Sale! From now through May 27th, select mercenary packages will be on sale so you can wage war from a new perspective.
  — Combat Arms Command 

The Honorable Soldier Sale occurred from May 24th - May 27th, 2013.

The Sales

Item Amount/Duration Sale Price
Baron's Package 1 Item 25,000 NX
Deckland's Package
Hana's Package
Max's Package
Mei's Package
Rocco's Package
Zadan's Package
Recon Vest 30 Days 3,920 NX
90 Days 7,120 NX
Permanent 14,536 NX
Cyclops Bandana 30 Days 2,000 NX
90 Days 4,720 NX
Permanent 10,400 NX
Super Weapon Renewal Kit 1 Item 1,800 NX
7 Items 11,700 NX
15 Items 21,600 NX

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