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Not to be confused with Hired Guns, the game mode.

Hired Mercenaries are soldiers under the control and command of The Player. They are only available in the game mode, Hired Guns.


Hired Mercenaries are simply NPC versions of the standard Mercenaries; with the same exact attire, though they wear a beret (as a sign of alligiance).


The Hired Mercenaries are AI controlled and will follow the player around, providing cover fire for him/her against enemy troops. They will also hold their position if ordered to do so.


The Hired Mercs are able to:

  • Shoot enemies with their weapon
  • Utilize Melee tactics (usually in close combat)
  • Throw explosives
  • Follow instructions from the Player


The following are the list of mercenaries that featured in Hired Guns

  • Deckland: Light Vest + Metal Anti-Flash Goggles + Black Beret + P90
  • Zadan: Medium Vest + Skull Bandana + Skull Helmet + M416


  • Their animations resemble the NPCs from various Fireteam missions.
  • Due to their programming, the Hired Mercs are almost completely useless as they spray inaccurately and can't move/walk while shooting. Strangely though, they seem to have slightly more health than the players.
  • Surprisingly, they happen to be the only friendly NPCs in the game as any other bots only appear in fireteam and are hostile.


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