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Hired Guns (often referred to as Blood Money, due to that being the only map choice for the mode) is one of the few unique game modes featured in Combat Arms.


Combat-Arms 371

Both sides aim to retrieve the gold from the bank's safe; one side to steal it, the other to protect it.

The key is to make it back to their spawn with the bars in tow; which will score them points.

The team with the most gold bars by the end of each round wins.

Basic Mechanics

The basic mechanics of this mode are deceptively simple.

Here's a breakdown:

  • First, make it across the gap between your respective spawns and the building alive.
  • Then, infiltrate through the front or back entrances.
  • From there, you must break into the safe and retrieve the gold.
  • You can carry up to nine bars without a movement penalty.
  • For each bar over nine that you retrieve, your speed will be reduced by greater and greater amounts, starting at -3% and eventually maxing out at -48%.
  • When someone is viewed that is carrying gold, a bar symbol and the number of bars they are carrying will be visible beside their name.
  • If someone dies carrying gold, then a bag will be dropped containing all the gold that they person had at the time of death. This gold does not return to spawn, nor is its location explicitly indicated on the map. Anybody can pick up this gold and try to take it to their spawn.
  • The team with the most gold (even by one bar) at the end of the round, wins.

Sounds easy, right? Well, in actuality, it's much more difficult than it sounds. There are a few factors that make gameplay a little more challenging, although some may be bypassed by skilled players.

Things to Take Note Of

The first thing to take into account is that the back entrances to the buildings and the entrance to the safe all take time to open, similar to locking and unlocking the safe rooms in Overdose during Quarantine Regen matches. However, the back doors can be entirely bypassed by taking the front entrance. This is very risky, however, as it leaves you completely open to attack on all sides.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a message will appear on your HUD when any of the entrances or the safe open. The safe's opening will also be accompanied by an alarm.

Probably the most important thing to remember is that the player that retrieves the gold will need backup. Most likely, they will take as many gold bars as possible, incurring a heavy movement penalty. Be prepared to escort any such players.

Playing Styles

There are many possible different roles in this game mode, but they can mostly be boiled down to three basic types: The Rushers, the Defenders, and the Escorts.

The Rushers

Similar to in Capture the Flag, the Rushers in this game mode will often not be concerned about kills. They will try to run into the building as quickly as possible, opting for high-portability guns or knives and large amounts of speed gear. Often times, they will only take small amounts of gold at a time in order to avoid any speed penalties. The key to being a good rusher is to keep in mind that you don't have to stand and fight everything. Use cover as much as possible and utilize your speed advantages to secure just enough gold to make it back.


As one of the least-played modes in the game, Hired Guns has received mostly negative reception from the Community.

As it is called "Hired Guns," it features the unique ability to summon "mercenaries" to aid you in battle.

However, there are a lot of issues surrounding even that.

One, while mercenaries should play a major role in gameplay (which the mode is aptly named after), you can easily play and win/lose games WITHOUT EVER HAVING TO USE ANY MERCENARIES. They are more of an accessory rather than a major advantage, and sometimes, they can even be a nuisance.

Furthermore, the mercenaries you spawn are often very glitchy themselves. While they each have their own "prices" and varying vests/weaponry, they all seem to perform on the same level---that is, very badly. Even as NPCs with built-in hit boxes, they often get stuck in certain areas and don't even bother to shoot the enemy right in front of them.

Also, while the game has players retrieving gold, they are paid very little for their efforts. Neither side (the thieves or the guards), receive anything notable in terms of monetary payment. Therefore, Hired Guns is a very inefficient mode to farm GP, despite what it features.


  • The title of the front page update regarding "Blood Money" was titled Blood Money - The First Hired Guns Map, suggesting that there may be more maps playable with Hired Guns in the near future.

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