This high powered rifle was designed to easily adapt to any situation and was optimized for urban combat by launching its .300 Winchester Magnum ammunition with absolute precision against all target types. It has a special hexagonal standard camouflage.
  — Item Description 
The Hexagon MSR CORE+ is a Core+ variant of the MSR adding one additional bullet in every magazine and an extra point of accuracy.

It was released in Combat Arms Brazil on the Brazil Black Friday Sale (2016)[1] and on Combat Arms Global.[2]


The Hexagon MSR CORE+ behaves exactly like its original variant, except that it has an extra point in accuracy. However, considering how much sway the MSR rifles have and their high damage drop-off, this increase in accuracy hardly does anything to make the weapon useful at extremely long ranges; But it can and will be handful when picking specific body parts at mid-range, such as obtaining headshots in the Elimination Pro gamemode of the map Hell Gate.



NX Rare
Hexagon MSR CORE+


Gold I
Hexagon MSR CORE+



  • In Combat Arms Brazil the Hexagon MSR CORE+ is renamed to: "MSR CORE+ Hexagon".
  • The Hexagon MSR CORE+ is unique in the fact that its "plus" (+) bonus is given as an increase in accuracy rather than in the form of weight reduction. Chance is high that the reason behind this change is the fact that the original MSR already had the planned lowest weight for any weapon of the Sniper Rifle class.



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