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Hell Gate
Hell Gate
Name Hell Gate
Size Small
Location Negev desert
First Introduced 3rd September, 2014
Popularity Below average

Main Discussion

During a battle between JSF and Creed soldiers in a secret laboratory, both teams were taken down by a mysterious sleeping gas. They awoke 4 hours later, locked in a giant room. The concrete room was filled with empty crates and drums, with only one enormous iron gate offering escape. Confusion turned to fear when a voice announced that their true enemies were behind the gate. As the gate began to open, the lost soldiers prepared to fight for their very lives.
  — Map Description 

Hell Gate is Combat Arms' 53th map. It was released in part two of the Hell Dunes update.


Hell Gate is a unique map that introduces a different form of gameplay. During the practice round, there are no destructible props on the ground floor. Afterward, players are randomly selected to teams, and a premade map is selected. There are a total of five premade maps.

Because of the way the map is structured, Elimination is not available as a game mode. The map only accommodates game modes in which players wait outside the map to enter play. Of the two available game modes, Elimination Pro allows players to enter the map after approximately 10 seconds, and Quarantine Regen allows entry after approximately 30 seconds.  The delay in intended to generate suspense as the players wait to see which map has been chosen.

Available Game Modes


  • Because Hell Gate involves the engine "choosing" among five maps, Ghost Hi-Sec Cases dropped by dead players may fall outside the boundaries of some maps.  This is an indicator that Hell Gate does not randomly generate maps, but spawns teams in a premade map.
    • Although each round may feature the same map, there is a 50% chance each round that teams may switch spawn areas. This may cause the Ghost Hi-Sec Cases dropped by dead players to be on the other side of the big gate.
  • All five premade maps are already loaded in the loading screen before players enter the game.
  • The Skybox of the outside of the map is that of a red Sunset.
  • Dead Friendly or Enemy camera views on living players tend to glitch through the walls from time to time depending on the angle the viewer is viewing any other remaining live players.
  • Upon the death of a player, their gun will more often than not fall through the map, not allowing others to pick it up.


Combat Arms - Hell Gate (First Look - Leaks)07:04

Combat Arms - Hell Gate (First Look - Leaks)

Hell's Gate03:03

Hell's Gate

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