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This sniper rifle was custom-made for the talented Operative Hawk. It maintains all the benefits of the original Dragunov, but has improved overall performance and features an enlarged 20-round magazine. Only available in the MYST-Romeo!
  — Official Text From Nexon 

Hawk's Dragunov SVDS is an Epic Sniper Rifle that was released on the Death Row Content Update (16th August, 2012). It is only obtainable through the Supply Crate MYST-Romeo and the Supply Crate MYST-Ultimate.


As a variant of the Dragunov series, it is a one shot kill on the back and a 2-hit kill through the front.



Dragunov SVD
Dragunov SVDS
Dragunov Black
Dragunov SVDS Ghillie
Hawk's Dragunov SVDS Epic


  • While it is an Epic weapon, its color scheme resembles that of a MARK II weapon.
  • The color scheme is based on Classic Hawk's design, not his current one (which is black and gold).
  • Before the release of Lynx's VSS, this was the first Epic Sniper Rifle ever released.
  • This gun is tied with the Lynx's VSS, M6A3 DMRSR25 Mark 11 Navy, and the MSG-90 DMR CAMO for having the most ammunition out of any sniper rifle in the game.
  • This was the first Epic weapon to be a direct variant of a GP Rare weapon.


  • The drawing animation of Hawk's Dragunov SVDS.
  • The firing animation of Hawk's Dragunov SVDS.
  • The scoping animation of Hawk's Dragunov SVDS.
  • The reloading animation of Hawk's Dragunov SVDS.
  • The sprinting animation of Hawk's Dragunov SVDS.