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A member of the Creed Special Forces, dishonorably discharged for assaulting a general. His outstanding marksmanship earned him the title of 'Killing Machine', but he is just as well-known for the nine dragons tattooed across his back.
  — The Arsenal 

Coming from an elite group of Specialists idolized for their outstanding military knowledge and ability on the battlefield, Codename Hawk has been trained to use a wide variety of Special Items during combat.
  — Old Description 
Codename: Hawk



Armor Vest: Balanced Vest

+10% Protection
-3% Speed
+40% Headshot Protection


7 Days - 3,500 NX

30 Days - 7,100 NX

7 Days - 14,000 GP

30 Days - 28,400 GP

Codename: Hawk is a Specialist/Operative that was re-released after the Best of the Best Update. His older version is Classic Hawk.


Hawk can be hired with GP/NX contracts. For GP contracts, Hawk can be hired by players of rank MSG1 and/or above. There are no rank restrictions when buying Hawk with NX.

Hawk has his own custom weapon Hawk's Dragunov SVDS.

There is no slight difference between his current and classic form except that his uniform colors are changed a bit. His upper vest used to be dark blue but now is a grayish blackish color and his pants now has a yellow stripe instead of a black one.


  • Like Raven, Hawk is named after a bird.
  • It is implied that he is blind in his left eye, though this does not impede gameplay.
  • His only known history is that he knew Classic Viper before they became Specialists. It is unknown what kind of relationship they shared.
  • His rank may be quite high, as clothing is stereotypically what high-ranking officials wear.
  • Hawk's nationality is unknown but his only known background is that he is 32 years old.
  • Hawk was the first specialist to be released after the two original pairs, Viper and Scorpion.
  • Hawk can be obtained through the Ghost Hi-Sec Case.



Hawk cycling through his weapons.


360 Degree View of Hawk

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