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Hauser's RPG-7 is a cosmetic variant of the RPG-7, and is assigned to the Hauser's Set.


Compared to the RPG-7, Hauser's RPG-7 has 5 points more damage, which makes it statistically the equivalent to the Autumn LAW.

Variants & Set


Hauser's Set
Machine Gun Hauser's M60E4
Launcher Hauser's RPG-7
Melee Hauser's Machete
Character Hauser
Face Hauser's Glasses


  • Hauser's RPG-7 in Combat Arms Europe, was sold for direct purchase for permanent duration at 19,900 NX on April 2nd, 2014. The rest of the Hauser's Set is only purchasable via 30 Day, 90 Day and permanent duration Hauser's Set Packages.
  • Hauser's RPG-7 was on sale for 20% off for the duration of Permanent and 90 Days in Combat Arms North America between April 16,2014 till April 23, 2014.


  • Hauser's RPG-7 is the first Mercenary Custom weapon that does not shoot bullets, but rather projectiles.
  • Hauser uses a RPG-7 in NEMEXIS HQ, though it is not his own (as this weapon was released far later).
  • The Hauser's RPG-7 (tied with the Autumn LAW) currently has the highest damage out of all the Explosive Projectiles (besides the Spy Hunt exclusive M136 Rocket Launcher)
  • The warhead has a shark-head design that somewhat resembles a Bullet Bill from Nintendo's Mario game series. This is visible in 1st person during the reloading animation, in 3rd person, and in the Shop/ Inventory page.
  • In a patch around the last few months of 2014, the explosive projectile shot out of the Hauser's RPG-7 is changed from same explosive projectile that the LAW and M136 Rocket Launcher uses, to an actual warhead that has a shark-head design.


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