A former Olympic-level wrestler, Hauser proved his skills to the Creed as a mercenary and killer. His physique is unmatched, as is his ferocity.
  — New bio 

A Security Consultant for NEMEXIS Corp., Hauser is a highly capable soldier who overwhelms his enemies with his incredible strength. Not much is known about his past, but it is clearly painful for him to think about. Fellow Mercenaries have confided that his work has taken him all across the globe, which explains the variety of influences in his unique accent. Rumors surround Hauser after his recent and sudden departure from the UAF; many soldiers believe the loss of his squad to a botched secret mission turned the muscled behemoth rogue. Hauser is an unyielding mercenary with a powerful physique. Soldiers know him as a relentless killing machine, hunting down the enemy and exterminating anyone in his way. His immense strength puts Hauser in a class of his own. He is equipped with a special Commando Vest.
  — Old bio 

New hauser image


7 Days - 19,500 GP

30 Days - 39,500 GP

7 Days - 2,900 NX

30 Days - 5,900 NX

+20% Protection
-9% Speed
Commando Vest armor
Gear: Uniform/Vest
Rank Restriction for GP purchase: Ico rank13 01Captain/I
Supply Cases
Below Average
Released Date

Hauser is a male Mercenary who was released after the 6-15-12 Patch. His original version is Classic Hauser. He can be purchased in the Shop (with a rank restriction of Captain/I).


Hauser is a strong mercenary who wears a Commando Vest that provides +20% Protection, at the expense of -9% Speed. Like any other Mercenary, one cannot equip a Vest or Uniform whilst using Hauser.

Hauser currently offers the most all-purpose protection in the game, even more than the Tanker Vest.

Hauser can be differentiated from his previous version, Classic Hauser, by the colour of his pants. Classic Hauser wears dark-grey pants, whereas Hauser's pants are a murky-green colour.

Variants & Set


Hauser's Set
Machine Gun Hauser's M60E4
Launcher Hauser's RPG-7
Melee Hauser's Machete
Character Hauser
Face Hauser's Glasses


  • He is the 2nd mercenary to have more than one custom weapon.
  • His first name apparently starts with 'G', according to the promotional poster for Combat Arms the Musical. However, it might be false because the event itself was a ruse.
  • Though Hauser has high protective abilities, he does not appear to be wearing a vest. Many players joke that his muscles make up his Commando Vest.
  • The 8-21-13 Content Update revealed that Hauser was a former Olympic-level wrestler.
  • Hauser's backstory can be a bit confusing. Classic Hauser's old description revealed him as a former UAF member and NEMEXIS security consultant (he was still a UAF member at the time of Desert Fox, shown in the cutscene taking part in the capture of Terrorist Z). However his latest description reveals him as a Creed mercenary (he is also shown in the NEMEXIS HQ mission cutscenes, taking part in the assault against NEMEXIS). It can be assumed that he had severed ties with NEMEXIS and joined Creed sometime prior to the events of NEMEXIS HQ.
  • His naming was probably influenced by the movie "Total Recall" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as "Hauser".


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