Hardscoping is a derisive term to describe the correct way of using a sniper rifle. It is the method of sniping where the shooter takes up a long range position and tracks the target (if moving) and then neutralizes them. Hardscoping is also known real sniping, as this is the method used by real soldiers in actual military forces. It is by nature the exact opposite of quickscoping, where the trickshooter is often quite close to the person and only uses the scope for a brief moment to quickly take out enemies.

Optimum Set-up

Hardscoping works with just about any sniper rifle/marksman rifle as the longer set-up times for the shooter will give most sniper rifles plenty of time for the spread to settle to the smallest possible size. Though, generally, hardscoping is favoured by sniper rifles that either do not kill with one shot, i.e. semi-automatic rifles and the M24 series, or weapons that are less than portable, e.g. the M107CQ and its variants. It works less well with weapons like the L96A1 due to the longer ranges and the less than impressive overall accuracy of the L96A1 series.


  • The term "hardscoping" is generally believed to be from CoD as an insult to people who did not (or could not) quickscope.
  • It is the most accurate way to use sniper rifles.
  • It is the right way to use sniper rifles despite what some people say. Do not try quickscoping because you saw it in a montage, those clips are edited for a reason!

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