This is a historical page that documents Weapons, Gear, Modes, Maps, Sales, or Events that are no longer available, and as such, information should only be added.

Happy Nex-Mas Sale Banner

It's that time of year again- the time to save on awesome weaponry. Treat yourself with that Perm NX Weapon you've always wanted (you know you deserve it), or get a friend or loved one something special. Nothing says happy holidays like a big freaking gun.

NeX-Mas Seasonal Items

Tis the season for NEMEXIS and Holiday weapons and gear, including the return of some old favorites and brand new seasonal items guaranteed to make your foes jingle in terror.

25% Off NEMEXIS Weapons

The NEMEXIS F2000, Kriss and DSR-1 are back!

  • 7 Days: NX 2,550
  • 30 Days: NX 4,875
  • 90 Days: NX 8,925
  • F2000 Permanent: NX 18,675
  • Kriss Permanent: NX 18,675
  • DSR-1 Permanent: NX 22,425

25% Off NEMEXIS Gear

The NEMEXIS Optical Sight, Tactical Mask, Modular Backpack and cosmetic Balanced Vest have returned!

Available Durations (prices vary): 7 Days, 30 Days, 90 Days, and Permanent

20% Off Kriss-mas SpecOps

There's no better way to fight around KRISSmas.

90 Days: NX 9,520 Permanent: NX 19,920

20% Off Yuletide Anaconda

Put a death grip on Christmas.

90 Days: NX 3,120 Permanent: NX 7,920

40% Off L96A1 Holiday Wolf

An upgraded version of the L96A1 Arctic Wolf. Show off your holiday cheer with the more precise fire and even more powerful bang, perfect for spreading the joy of the season.

Permanent: NX 17,940

20% Off Candy Cane Club

It's so delicious, a Caveman could use it!

90 Days: NX 4,720

90 Day Holiday Gear

Elite Santa Beanie

90 Days: NX 3,920

Elite Reindeer Horns

90 Days: NX 3,920

Snowman Head

90 Days: 40,000 GP

Elite Santa Beard

90 Days: NX 3,920

Elite Red Nose

90 Days: NX 3,920

X-Mas Backpack

90 Days: NX 4,720

20% Off Permanent Holiday Cosmetics

Reindeer Horns

Permanent: NX 4080

Reindeer Mask

Permanent: NX 4,080

Santa Beard

Permanent: NX 2,440

Reindeer Bag

Permanent: NX 5,680

Permanent Weapons on Sale

Get nearly half off of Combat Arm's finest armaments.

40% Off Permanent Melee Weapons: NX 7,740

Brass Knuckles

Dom Pedro Sword


Tracker Knife

A number of melee weapons were initially listed erroneously as being available for Permanent duration. We apologize for the error, only the Brass Knuckles, Dom Pedro Sword, Machete and Tracker Knife were intended to be available for Permanent.

40% Off Permanent Assault Rifles: NX 14,940


M14 Hunter



Carbon 15


G36E Valkyrie

LR300 ML


M4A1 Desert Warrior


40% Off Permanent Submachine Guns: NX 14,940

Dual Skorpions



Kriss SpecOps


Micro UZI



VB Berapi LP-02

40% Off Permanent Sniper Rifles: NX 17,940



L96A1 Arctic Wolf M-200 Ghillie


M39 EMR Desert


40% Off Permanent Machine Guns: NX 17,940

M60 Steel

MK.48 MOD 0

MG21E Steel


40% Off Permanent Shotguns and Launchers: NX 11,940

M4 Super 90



Double Barrel Punisher

R870 MCS

SPAS-12 Gold

40% Off Permanent Pistols: NX 5,940

Bushmaster Type 97

Anaconda Gold

Anaconda Silver

Desert Eagle SE

M1911 Knight's


P226 Silver

The Golden Gun


30% Off Permanent Weapon Mods: NX 7,000

Trishot Holosight

HDS-4 Reflex Sight

Fast Loader Magazine II

Packages on Sale

Packages are back, but only for Nex-Mas!

Desperado Package

NX 54,990

People's Choice Package

NX 54,990

Super Recruit Package

NX 54,990

Character Packages on Sale

Each package contains the Permanent Mercenary, a Super Weapon Renewal Kit and a 7 Day version of that Mercenary's Epic Weapon!

NX 25,000

Baron Package

Includes Baron's M416 CQB

Deckland Package

Includes Deckland's F2000 Tactical

Hana Package

Includes Hana's MAC-10

Max Package

Includes Max's R870 MCS MOD

Mei Package

Includes Mei's MP7 MOD

Rocco Package

Includes Rocco's AUG A3

Zadan Package

Includes Zadan's L85A1 MOD

Supply Crates and Function Items

Stock up your arsenal with discounts on MYST-Infinity, MYST-Epic, Mega MYST Crates and so much more!

15% Off MYST-Epic

1x Crate: NX 8,415 7x Crate: NX 54,740 15x Crate: NX 102,000

15% Off MYST-Infinity

1x Crate: NX 16,065

Buy One Get One Free Mega MYST Crate

1 + 1 Crate: NX 3,000 7 + 7 Crate: NX 21,000 15 + 15 Crate: NX 45,000

Buy One Get One Free Super Specialist Crate

1 + 1 Crate: NX 3,000 7 + 7 Crate: NX 21,000 15 + 15 Crate: NX 45,000

Mythic Renewal Kits

1x Kit: NX 1,990 7x Kits: NX 12,950 15x Kits: NX 23,880

30% Off Permanent Mutagens

30 Days: NX 4,130 Permanent: NX 12,950

20% Off Super Weapon Renewal Kit

1x Kit: NX 1,440 7x Kit: NX 9,360 15x Kit: NX 17,280

30% Off Permanent Custom Reticles

30 Days: NX 2,030 Permanent: NX 10,430

30% Off Super Elite Moderator

7 Days: NX 4,550 30 Days: NX 11,480 90 Days: NX 21,420

30% Off Black HiSec Key

1x Key: NX 693 7x Keys: NX 4,480 15x Keys: NX 8,330

Supply Crate MYST-99N

1x Crate: NX 99 7x Crate: NX 625 15x Crate: NX 1,185

30% Off Weapon Renewal Kit

1x Kit: NX 1,050 7x Kit: NX 6,825 15x Kit: NX 12,600

30% Off 200% Bonus EXP Passes

10x Passes: NX 680 30x Passes: NX 1,785 50x Passes: NX 2,635

20% Off Supply Case GP - Extreme

1x Case: NX 1,120 7x Case: NX 7,280 15x Case: NX 13,600

20% Off Supply Case GP - Hazard

1x Case: NX 800 7x Case: NX 5,200 15x Case: NX 9,600

20% Off Supply Case GP - Regular

1x Case: NX 800 7x Case: NX 5,200 15x Case: NX 9,600

30% Off Respawn Tokens

1x Tokens: NX 245 7x Tokens: NX 1,470 15x Tokens: NX 2,625

Permanent Gear on Sale

Get an edge with powerful gear, on discount for Permanent for the holidays only, whether you want to go for fashion or for power!

20% Off Permanent Head Gear: NX 10,400

Aviator's Cap Ballistic Helmet Boonie Hat
Cowboy Hat Cyclops Bandana Devil Mask
Force Warrior Helmet Green Beret IBH Mk2 SEAL
Optical Sight Patriot Cap (Australia) Patriot Cap (Brazil)
Patriot Cap (Canada) Patriot Cap (New Zealand) Patriot Cap (USA)
ROKMC Hat Shapka VBSS Helmet

20% Off Permanent Face Gear: NX 10,400

Anti-Flash Goggles Chemical Gas Mask FG-1 Fire Mask
FP-1 Face Guard Patriot Skull Mask (AUS) Patriot Skull Mask (CAN)
Patriot Skull Mask (MEX) Patriot Skull Mask (NZL) Patriot Skull Mask (USA)
Prankster Bandana Skull Mask (Flames) Skull Mask (Jaws)
Skull Mask (Silver) Skull Mask (Smiley) Wasteland Goggles

15% Off Permanent Uniforms

Flecktarn Camo

NX 5,049

Tiger Stripe Camo

NX 5,525

15% Off Permanent Vests

Assault Vest

NX 15,445

Combat Vest

NX 15,445

Recon Vest

NX 15,445

Tanker Vest

NX 15,445

15-30% Off Permanent Backpack

Modular Backpack

NX 13,930

Tactical Backpack

NX 8,415

Terrain Backpack (2 Slot)

NX 11,900

Terrain Backpack (3 Slot)

NX 18,700

Utility Backpack

NX 15,300

Permanent Cosmetics on Sale

Keep your stats and look good while doing it! Most of our Cosmetic items are on sale for Permanent, and even cheaper than normal too!

20% Off Permanent Character Cosmetics: NX 8,160

EOD Suit

Ghillie Suit

Transparent Character

20% Off Permanent Head Cosmetics: NX 4,080

Baseball Cap

Drinking Hat


Hana's Hair

Hawk's Peak Cap

Maverick Helmet

Mei's Hair

Military Helmet

Raven's Hair

Scorpion's NVG

The Peacekeeper

Transparent Headgear

VDV Beret

Viper's Hair

20% Off Permanent Face Cosmetics: NX 2,440

Carnival Mask

Deckland's Facepaint

Safety Goggles

Souza's Glasses

Transparent Facemask

20% Off Permanent Backpack Cosmetics: NX 5,680

Rifle Carrier Backpack

Transparent Backpack

Trench Pack

GP Items on Sale

Three brand new GP Permanent Weapons are on sale now, along with huge discounts on dozens of other GP weapons and items!

Permanent AUG A1-100,000 GP

Permanent Kriss- 100,000 GP

Permanent TPG-1-120,000 GP

Base Character Change-13,720 GP

30% Off 90 Day GP Weapons

AUG A1 Black

53,865 GP


41,580 GP


53,865 GP

Galil ACE

41,580 GP


56,700 GP


41,580 GP


62,370 GP


30,240 GP

SCAR-L Black

34,020 GP


62,370 GP


45,360 GP


41,580 GP

P90 SE

62,370 GP


45,360 GP


68,040 GP


45,360 GP

Dragunov SVDS

79,380 GP

L115A2 Arctic Wolf

68,040 GP


45,360 GP


60,480 GP


90,720 GP


35,910 GP


45,360 GP

M590 CQB

51,030 GP

M590 Military

34,020 GP


22,680 GP


26,460 GP

SPAS-12 Stock

39,690 GP

Desert Eagle

24,570 GP

Desert Eagle Black

36,855 GP


37,800 GP

M1911 Silver

25,515 GP

USP Tactical

17,010 GP

Bowie Knife

24,570 GP


26,460 GP

30% Off 90 Day Light Vest

18,900 GP

30% Off Arms Race Silver Pack

7 Days: 6,860 GP 30 Days: 27,300 GP 90 Days: 75,600 GP

30% Off Supply Crate MYST-G

2,800 GP

30% Off Gray HiSec Key

1x Key: 1,330 GP 7x Key: 6,510 GP 15x Key: 10,990 GP


  • This event offered the TPG-1, Kriss and AUG A1 their first permanent purchase.

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