A former member of the national shooting team, and instructor of JSF South Asia. When her brother went missing on a routine mission, she took a small JSF squad to find him. But it was a trap, and he was lost in an explosion. SHe soon discovered that Baron was involved in the murder, and joined Warcorp to get revenge.
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A UAF Sniper corporal who joined Warcorp to investigate the unaccounted death of her brother, a UAF Special Assault recruit. She holds his former commander -- now one of Warcorp's top commandos -- responsible.
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Released Date
Medium armor
Gear: Uniform/Vest
Rank Restriction: Ico rank13 01Captain/I
19,500 GP - 7 Days
39,500 GP - 30 Days
2,900 NX - 7 Days
5,900 NX - 30 Days

Hana is a female Mercenary who was released after the 2-04-09 Patch. She can be purchased in the Black Market and/or the Shop (with a rank restriction of Captain I.


Hana is a 21 year old Japanese UAF sniper-turned Warcorp merc that is outfitted with a Medium Vest. Just like any other Mercenaries, she is restricted from equipping uniform and vests. Unlike other Mercenaries, (except for Zadan) Hana doesn't have any statical boosts.

Hana has her own custom weapon, the MAC-10. She also has her cosmetic item, Hana's Hair.


Trained by her loving father, Hana was once poised to be the next great Olympic shooter, a shoe-in for a Japanese gold. But her father's tragic death in an automobile accident left her dispirited and angry. Unwilling to continue her training and skilled in little more than the rifle, she was recruited as a sniper for the East Asia Detachment of the UAF.

Hana begged her younger brother not to follow her into service, but the allure of the UAF Special Assault Team was irresistible for the young man. On his first mission out, Central Command lost contact with his entire unit. Hana joined the Search and Rescue team dispatched to retrieve them only to return with her brother's body. Riddled with guilt and emotionally exhausted, she resigned her UAF commission and swore never to pick up a rifle again.

It was not long after her brother's funeral, though, that an anonymous informant presented her with irrefutable proof that on that fateful mission, unit commander Baron (now a top level mercenary for Warcorp) was directly responsible for her brother's accidental death. Consumed with a thirst for vengeance, Hana took up arms once again.

Her incredible UAF record made her an attractive candidate to Warcorp executives, who hired her on the spot as a sniper specialist. Now, mission after mission, she works her way closer to Baron, secretly intent on making him pay for all the grief and heartache she has endured throughout her life.





Silver II


  • She was the 3rd female Mercenary to be released in Combat Arms.
  • Hana is one of the few Mercenaries without any statistical advantages.
  • In her full-body picture, Hana is shown dual-wielding two MAC-10's (which cannot be done in-game).
  • Hana has her own custom weapon, Hana's MAC-10.
  • She was the only Mercenary that wasn't included in the Goodbye Merc Sale.