Part of the classic replica series. Kicks like a mule but offers tremendous levels of damage and accuracy to those who can handle it.
  — The Arsenal 


The HR1860 is a fictional gun which can be obtained by forging the M14 with 7 FH-Replica pallets in the Gun Emporium. It features a wooden butt and a 30/90 ammo capacity, up from the M14's 20/60 capacity. It has an Old West look and sound. The HR1860 has low spread and recoil, and a decent fire rate. It retains its high damage over longer distances, making it a solid 3 shot kill. Only magazine modifications are available, even though this gun does not support a magazine in real life.





Silver II
Gold I
Improved HR1860


GP Standard
NX Rare
Improved HR1860


  • The HR1860 resembles the M1866, but to forge the HR1860, an M14 is needed, not the M1866.
  • This was one of the guns featured in the Blabber Box Episode right before April Fools, saying that they can combine guns.


  • The drawing animation of the HR1860.
  • The firing animation of the HR1860.
  • The reloading animation of the HR1860.
  • The sprinting animation of the HR1860.

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