A reflex sight designed for CQC. Offers a lower magnification than ACOG scopes for optimally engaging medium distance targets.
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The HDS-4 Reflex Sight is a Black Market-only optical attachment. It can only be bought for a 90-day duration.


The HDS-4 series includes a set of sights that surpass even the iTech's capabilities. The crosshair is much smaller than the overall crosshair of the iTech's, allowing for even and precise firing. Its optical range, however, has a much wider radius than any other scope, allowing for a better horizontal firing range.

The HDS-4 is best used in in CQC since it does not zoom in very far. However, the accuracy boost it grants allows skilled players to pick off enemies from a distance equal to even the shortest sniper rifle's range.


  • During the Memorial Day Weekend in 2011, it cost only 99 NX for one day.

The HDS-4 Reflex Sight was available for permanent duration during:


  • Before it was updated in the 7-28-09 Patch, the HDS-4 was an NX equivalent of the iTech with an aiming bonus of 3%. However, the patch gave the HDS-4 an aiming increase, by 2%, which made it superior to its cousin.
  • Despite having a better aiming bonus than the iTech, many dislike this scope because its larger fuzzier red dot makes it hard to hit from medium to long range. Unlike other scopes, the scroll speed is very slow when firing, making this a liability to players who haven't developed the skill to use it properly. With skill, it is a good scope on some weapons such as the M4A1 (and variants), the M416, and AUG A3.


  • The HDS-4 Reflex Sight.

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