A mask of the notorious terrorist of the Gunpowder Plot of 1605. It is still used to celebrate Guy Fawkes day as well as stir fear in the hearts of enemies.
  — The Arsenal 

The Guy Fawkes Mask is a face item that features 80% flash protection, +3% speed, +10% sprint stamina.

It is notably the most stat-increasing face item so far, even more so than the Patriot Skull Masks. To balance this out, it cannot be bought directly from the Black Market and only obtainable from the Black Hi-Sec Case, Kalika Case, and MYST-99N.



GP Standard
Skull Mask (Smiley)
Skull Mask (Jaws)
Skull Mask (Silver)
Skull Mask (Flames)
NX Standard
Skull Mask (Flames)
Patriot Skull Mask
Elite 2nd Anniversary Mask (Brazil)
Elite Spider Skull Mask
Elite Scorpion Skull Mask
2nd Anniversary Mask
2nd Anniversary Mask (Brazil)
Spider Skull Mask
Scorpion Skull Mask
Guy Fawkes Mask


  • This mask is arguably the most insulting face gear item available, even surpassing the Skull Mask Smiley.
  • Whimsical players wear this mask for its massive stat boosts as well as insulting their enemies with its visual looks.
  • This item was featured during the One Day Sale on 11/09/12, at a price of 99 NX for 1 day.
  • This item was featured during the One Day Sale on 08/02/13 at a price of 5,900 NX for 90 days.
  • This item was given out for a 7 day duration on 11/05/13 (the anniversary of the Gunpower Plot) for free.


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