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Br De Fr
GP cost

1 Day - 900 NX

7 Days - 3,500 NX

30 Days - 6,900 NX

90 Days - 11,900 NX

Permanent - 24,900 NX





Ammo capacity


Rate of Fire70
Firing modes





Iron Sight

This AR has been enhanced for portability and power.Though it is difficult to wield, this can be a deadly force on the right hands.
  — Item Description 

This assault rifle appeared on the 6/11/14 patch of Combat Arms Brazil as a part of 5-Shot Event of World Cup 2014.


This weapon's damage will lead to many 3 hit kills,due to how consistent the damage is. It has an average amount of dropoff for assault rifles and it has the same maximum range as the other assault rifles,allowing it to fire just as far before the shots cease to hit at all.

The weapon has a slightly below average rate of fire. This is not enough to be a liability in close quarters,but it is,however,quick enough to mow down targets due to the damage of the weapon. The maximum spread may be slightly higher then normal,but it's not enough to hinder this weapon while spraying at close range.

The crosshair is on par with most other assault rifles,starting out at the average size when standing still. It expands quicker then most assault rifles when spraying though,so it may make ranged encounters difficult to execute. It also recovers slightly slower then most assault rifles,limiting the length of bursts before they become inaccurate. It's maximum spread is slightly higher then most assault rifles,but it is not enough to hinder the weapon in any way.

The recoil pattern will cause the gun to kick either left or right diagonally,alternating every 6 shots. This helps the gun with tap-firing,as the recoil is more predictible,and it will allow short bursts of fire to be controllable. The spread,however,will hinder the weapon at longer ranges,lowering the weapon's overall optimal range.

The weapon has 2 major flaws: It cannot equip a scope or a magazine. This may make encounters more difficult,as this weapon is better suited to close range spraying,and an extended magazine will need to be bought to capitalize on this strength. The lack of a scope limits this weapon even more at longer ranges,as slower tap-firing is the only way to stay accurate at range.



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