This is a historical page that documents Weapons, Gear, Modes, Maps, Sales, or Events that are no longer available, and as such, information should only be added.

Gridiron Warfare II

Attention Soldiers, Football is one of the quintessential American sports, and we here at Combat Arms Command want to celebrate it by giving our players the opportunity to grab a great grenade, a powerful helmet and even the awe-inspiring Azazel Revived! Join us from 10:45 AM PST, January 30th to 6:45 AM PST, February 14th for our second annual Gridiron Warfare event!
 Combat Arms Command 

The Gridiron Warfare II was an event that occurred from 1/30/13 10:45 AM PST - 2/14/13 6:45 AM PST.

Long Bomb Login Reward

A player would receive a 1 Day Gridiron Grenade each day they log in (one per day).


Gridiron Badge Rewards

All throughout Combat Arms, there's going to be a gross of our Gridiron Badges being handed out to our players! These little tokens might not be worth much on their own, but combine them together and you'll get some amazing prizes, including the Gridiron Guard helmet!
  — Combat Arms Command 

There were a number of jobs at the Gun Emporium which granted players various rewards, in return for certain amount of Gridiron Badges. They could be completed as many times as the player wanted.

Number of Badges Prizes
30 Badges 30 Day Gridiron Guard
50 Badges 90 Day Gridiron Guard
100 Badges 1 Day Azazel Revived
90 Day Gridiron Guard
300 Badges 7 Day Azazel Revived
90 Day Gridiron Guard
30 Day Gridiron Grenade
500 Badges 30 Day Azazel Revived
90 Day Gridiron Guard
90 Day Gridiron Grenade

Getting Gridiron Badges

Gridiron Badges can be acquired in the following ways:

- Login: Every day a player logs in (midnight-to-midnight, PST), they will be instantly rewarded 1x Gridiron Badge. Additionally, from 2/1 - 2/4, all players who login will receive an additional 3 Gridiron badges per day (total of 4 Gridiron Badges).
- Daily Jobs: Completing Daily Jobs will reward 1-5 Gridiron Badges each, depending on the difficulty of the Daily Job.
- MVP: Winning an MVP category in any match will reward a bonus Gridiron Badge.
- Roulette: A few slots on the Roulette Wheel will now reward Gridiron Badges.

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