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Br De Fr
Gridrion Guard

Event Item


+60% Headshot protection

+3% Speed

+5% Sprint Stamina

A helmet worn by football players. It'll protect your dome from heavy hits, but its bulletproof capabilities are untested...
  — Item Description 


The Gridiron Helmet is head gear which takes the shape of an American Football Helmet, colored blue and yellow. It was one of the event items for the Gridrion Warfare Event (2012).


  • This helmet can tank ALL medium 4 hit kill weapons and weaker at point blank. 5 hit kill weapons leave a decent amount of HP left, about 40.
  • The G36E takes 3 hits to kill when shooting at the head from one end of Death Room to the other through the sliding doors.
  • If this Helmet was able to be worn by Scorpion, the player would have an amazing boost of +100% headshot protection.

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