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Br De Fr
Gold ninjato
Gold Ninjato

Fireteam Mission Reward




Firing modes

Horizontal Slash (Primary Attack)

Left-Right Swing (Secondary Attack)

A ceremonial Ninjato awarded to NEMEXIS Agents, obtained for clearing NEMEXIS HQ on Extreme difficulty in Fireteam mode"
  — The Arsenal 

The Gold Ninjato is a melee weapon released in Combat Arms on the 1-19-12 Patch. The Gold Ninjato is a reward upon completing NEMEXIS HQ on extreme difficulty.


The Gold Ninjato is a solid two strike kill, regardless of it being a left or right click attack. It has slightly higher damage than the NX standard variant, the Ninjato, and its lesser variant obtained upon completing NEMEXIS HQ on Hard difficulty, the Red Ninjato. The right click attack is delayed, followed by two left and right strokes, much similar to Tomahawk's attack actions. Its golden sheen may make the player stand out on urban maps, and whether the players choose to be stealthy or not, the Golden sheen of the Ninjato will be a major giveaway to the player's position. Otherwise, players may choose the Red Ninjato as an alternative option to their tactical requirements. Because its attack range is definitely longer than the M9 default's one, the Gold Ninjato is slightly less in comparison to the Dom Pedro Sword.



NX Standard Ninjato
Festive Dual Ninjato
Rewards Red Ninjato
Gold Ninjato


  • It is the first melee weapon to posses a distinct, gold coloring rather than a silverish-grey type of complexion.
  • The Gold Ninjato possesses similar melee actions with the Tomahawk and the Dom Pedro Sword.


  • Drawing animation of the Gold Ninjato
  • Primary attack animation of the Gold Ninjato
  • Secondary attack animation of the Gold Ninjato
  • Sprinting animation of the Gold Ninjato

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