Goggles that keep your vision clear from smoke and flying debris.
  — The Arsenal 

Goggles are eyewear for the Face to protect one's eyes from potential damage from things such as shrapnel from exploding objects. In Combat Arms, they are just cosmetic items (give no statistical advantage). They are shaped like combat goggles with a orange tinted visor. On 7/14/2010 supply drop mid month update, they have been modified to offer a +30% flash protection.



  • They are fun to wear and give more "style points" when outfitted with a Combat Helmet, which would then look like a better version of the MICH.
  • It used to have no effect but had a cost 100 GP more than the aviator glasses and sports shades. As of the 7/14/2010 supply drop update, this is no longer true, as a 30% Flash protection was added to the item.