Some of the information in this article is unconfirmed. Maintain caution.

Gilbert Gerard was second in command at the NEMEXIS Research Lab, and the leader of the SA-17 project. His project is widely known as the research project that utilized the JSF's stress treatment medicine to create a new medicine that could enhance one's capabilities.

4 years ago, the stress treatment medicine developed by the JSF research labs caused increased adrenaline and contagious, virus-like symptoms that caused some patients to become violent. While the viruses were destroyed during the course of the Overdose and Black Lung operations, NEMEXIS discovered an infected corpse in the destroyed Black Lung's abandoned mine and extracted a sample of the virus from that corpse.

The executives of NEMEXIS wanted to use the sample to make a new weapon, so they announced externally that they developed a new medicine while proceeding with the project to cultivate the virus internally.

Gerard is a good-hearted person, so when he learned that the project he was heading was not for increasing physical abilities, but in fact for the development of a weapon that would destroy humans, including civilians, he became troubled. After much consideration, he decided to go to the media, but after a failed attempt, NEMEXIS tried to kill him and he was forced to run.

Though NEMEXIS is said to be no more, there are still members of splinter factions that belonged to NEMEXIS who hunt for Gerard. The vaccine for the Infected he is working on, as member of an NGO called the Peacemakers, could be a threat to them.

If Gerard is able to provide a vaccine to cure the virus, no one else will have to suffer.

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