An enhanced backpack designed by the Ghost Shark brand. It provides 3 weapon slots with no speed penalty.
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The Ghost Shark Backpack is a 1-Star Gold Grade NX Rare Backpack Gear.


The Ghost Shark Backpack is part of the Ghost Shark Package; its design comes in with a light-black body, its straps are mainly blue and a darker black to match the Ghost Shark's colors, the 'Ghost Shark' logo can be found on the upper right near the handle behind the backpack, and the 'Ghost Shark' graphics with the Shark and waves can be seen on the bottom pouch of the Backpack.

Ghost Shark Package

The Ghost Shark Package consists of the following items:

Events & Trivia

  • The Ghost Shark Backpack was given to all players on Combat Arms Global for Permanent who obtained 50 kills every day for 6 days between 17.5. and 30.5.2017 (Reference).

  • It was first released on the 3.29.2017 Content Update on Combat Arms Russia.
  • On Combat Arms Russia, the 'Ghost Shark' name is renamed to 'Призрачная акула' which translates to 'Phantom Shark' in English.
  • The item's popularity increased due to the 17.5. - 30.5.2017 event on Global.


Ghost Shark Backpack High Resolution
High Resolution render of the Ghost Shark Backpack