The Combat Arms Wiki does not support the violation of Nexon's Terms of Service or anything that is construed by Nexon as such. This page is strictly for educational purposes, and is meant to inform the reader.

Ghost Mode

Phantom or Normal


Visually move around while your character stays in one place




Fly through walls/scenery while your body stays in one place

Walk around normally but your character stays in one place

Ghosting(or Ghostmode) is a hack similar to OPK/Telekill, where a player can "invisibly" hit another player from a good distance away. The hack makes the player who uses it a "ghost", who can directly attack other players, though the victims can't visibly see the hacker. There are currently 2 types of Ghostmodes offered in VIP hacks. The first lets you roam the maps freely, you can fly/walk through walls etc. The second one works like normal gameplay, you cannot fly/walk through walls but your enemies cant see you because your actual body is left at the position you were when you turned on the hack. The hacker normally just knives all his enemies, especially in Quarantine, since the Infected cannot hit them. If they were in a serious mode, they would probably go for Headshot kills.

Ghosting is considered to be the "predecessor" to OPK hacks, since Tapping is not actually a hack. Also note that Ghosting can be evaded, if a player runs around constantly to avoid damage. Furthermore, it should be noted that the damage direction indicator (a red quarter-circle with an outward facing point in the middle) will point in the direction of the second type of "Ghost's" actual body when you are hit. If the player quickly runs in the direction indicated (up for forward, down for behind, left for left, right for right, etc.) the hacker can be found and killed, if shot quickly enough.

Reporting Hackers

Every hacker should be reported, however make sure you are 100% certain that he/she is hacking before reporting. Helping a hacker or benefiting from a hacker is against Nexon's Terms of Service and is one way to get suspended and possibly banned from the game.

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