General Khatin Kerfyf

Client General Khatin kerfyf

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A dark tone skin male with hand under his beard, wearing aviator glasses and a black navy hat.
Has Daily Jobs for Players to complete

General Khatin Kerfyf is a high-ranking militant residing within the Voltier Junkyard.

Prior to the release of Daily Jobs 2.0 (where he is a potential client), he had only been referred to by name.


Khatin Kerfyf is a Middle-Eastern man with a large frame and a confident demeanor. He is known for his peaked cap (indicating a former soldier or a self-made leader) and Aviator Glasses, which together conceal his eyes and most of his hair.

He is assumed to be fairly clever, as he has evaded capture by JSF forces for quite some time.


  • To be added in.


  • Due to its foreign composition, his name has been plagued with typos for quite some time. It wasn't until the new Daily Jobs were released that the correct spelling was finally confirmed. His name has also been spelled as KeryyefKeryef or even Keryf.
  • He is behind the original Junk Flea incident.
  • He is the oldest-known leaked NPC (and by extension, client). Kerfyf's name was first made known through Junk Flea's map description, which dates back to the Closed Beta.


Unknown Character what

A more-serious Khatin Kerfyf without his trademark aviator glasses.

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