An example of a game room.

The Game Room is the feature of the Game Lobby, where players can enter to play a game. Game Rooms are numbered from 1 to a 100. (?)

A Game Room can be created by a Player in the game lobby, making them the Moderator of the room until they pass it on.

How the Game Room works

The Game Room, or the Pre-Game Lobby, is the final screen players see before they enter a match (aside from the Loading Screen).

In this Room, players press the "Ready" button to allow them to enter the game whenever the Room Master starts, or press it to enter a match that's already in play. A small text box allows players in that room to chat with each other, where players may recommend the next Map or Game Mode to be played. The countdown timer for when the next game starts also appears here.

Players can start a Game Room at anytime by pressing "Create Room" in a lobby, except for when the channel is full. You can customize your own game settings, and have up to 16 total players per game.

The Game Room can't be entered when the game is almost ending. So even if a player was inside the Game Room and clicked "Start", there would be a message saying that the game is about to end and the player cannot join.


  • If a game room was crashed by a lifetaker, the room would still say "in game" with the number of players inside (even though all the players DCed).
  • It is possible to have more than 16 players in a game room through a rare unintentional glitch (see below), hence, proving that Game Masters can still join a full room.
  • There is currently a rare glitch in which a player's avatar can show up in the Game Room. The cause is unknown.


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