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Nexon GM
Name Nexon GM
Other Names GM, Master, Nexon Staff, Mod, etc.
Popularity Legendary
Goal Ensuring player safety.

Keeping order. Keeping the game fun and enjoyable. Removing abusive players. Taking player feedback. Answering player questions.

Main Discussion

Game Master Game Master Symbol (GM) is a member of Nexon's staff.


GMs are Nexon employees. As such, they are 18 or older, and must be able to maintain public relations with the community. They are also in-charge of receiving feedback from their users, and reporting it to their superiors. GMs are not allowed to tell players anything other than what they already know/are allowed to tell. They do not just give out NX or accept random player suggestions.

As the true Elite Moderators of Combat Arms; they have the power to ban or de-rank anyone deemed guilty of Hacking, Glitching, or abusing other aspects of their games. GMs also roam the forums and community, keeping in touch from time-to-time. Occasionally, they also host their own matches, known as GM Live Events, as an opportunity for normal players to face off against them. They can also join any room as they please, though they usually play under a secret and personal account.


A successful GM is someone who maintains order around the gaming community. It is their job to ensure peace and security, keep their users happy, and perform certain tasks. One such task includes mediating between the Nexon community and Nexon itself, so that the executives know what to give to their users.

To keep the community active, GMs may host their own events to stay in touch with ordinary players. They can be forum, site, or in-game events. Such events may also include certain requirements or contests. If the event is in-game, GMs will usually host rooms that "advertise" a new Game Mode or Map. They may also host events due to a certain season or holiday event.

Very rarely, GMs may give out rewards as a sign of their good will. They will usually give noticeable players a prize for performing certain tasks within the game. Awards can sometimes be NX, NX bought items, real-life items, or special rare items.

Known Abilities

  1. Ban players
  2. IP Ban players
  3. De-rank players
  4. ELITE-Elite Moderator status; they can kick anyone and everyone.
  5. Capable of joining any room at any time; even password-locked or full ones.
  6. Hosting their own events.
  7. Sending game-wide announcements in-game.
  8. Being any rank they want (for testing purposes).
  9. Having the ability to change ranks if necessary.
  10. Joining as an "invisible" GM and spectating any game (a.k.a. Spectator Mode)

How to Determine if a GM is REAL

For an extensive list, please refer here.


  • GMs usually host themed GM Live Events.
  • GMs have defaulted golden names, and they talk in golden-yellow.
  • GMs are usually "unranked" or ranked at "0" when their statistics are examined.
  • GMs have their own clan, the "Nexon Covert Ops", though not every GM is in that clan.
  • GMs rarely socialize with anything longer than a sentence or emoticon. They also prefer using pre-determined phrases, to avoid socializing too much.
  • GMs are often criticized for their inaction to stop Hacking.
    • On the other hand, they are often begged for NX or gifts.
  • They are also asked for new maps or game modes, which they have no power over.
  • GMs have their own class of Elite Moderator, which performs on par with a standard Elite Moderator.
    • However, they are technically surpassed by Super Elite Moderators in terms of hosting power.
    • Recently, GMs now have their own version of the Elite Moderator. Instead of Green, Dark Orange, or Red, they will be a Gold Super Elite Moderator.
  • Being kicked by a GM will say "Kicked by GM" instead of "Kicked by Elite Moderator"
  • After the recent GM Impersonation Hacks, many GMs have now auto-ranked themselves up to MAJ (a similar-looking gold rank) instead of retaining the GM cover rank.
  • Once heavily criticized for their inactiveness in-game and failure to adhere to a "true" GM credo, the GMs have recently taken a more active role within the community.
    • New GMs have been assigned to patrol the game at infrequent intervals and ban unsuspecting players, either in in-game as an Invisible GM on in individual channel lobbies.
    • After a successful ban, the GMs will report the number of players recently punished (the number as possibly low as just one) with a server wide megaphone.


GM Combat Arms EU Funçoes Spectator Mode (Invisible Hidden Mode) 01:38

GM Combat Arms EU Funçoes Spectator Mode (Invisible Hidden Mode)

A Game Master in Spectator Mode.

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