Nexon GM
Name Nexon GM
Other Names GM, Mod, Nexon Staff, etc.
Popularity Legendary
Goal Ensuring player safety.

Keeping order. Keeping the game fun and enjoyable. Removing abusive players. Taking player feedback. Answering player questions.

Main Discussion

A Game MasterGame Master Symbol (GM) is an official member of Nexon's staff.

How to Determine a REAL GM

An official GM will have "GM-" in their names, including the hyphen (ex. GM-Libra).

  • There are no spaces, dashes, or underscores between the "G" and the "M" (so names such as G_M_Crash, G-M_Unicorn, -G_M-Spidey, or [GM]iLovePie are fake).
  • GMs will have gold names and use gold text when chatting.
  • Every GM is a General of the Army; but in regards to the leaderboard, they are unranked.
    • They will not be a low rank, such as a Trainee or a Recruit.
  • GMs are currently in the "SecretNexonStaff" clan on Combat Arms Global. Please double-check for spelling.
  • GMs are currently in the "GameMasters" clan on Combat Arms Brazil. Please double-check for spelling.
    • Otherwise, they are unaffiliated with any other clan.
  • GMs will never take part in illegal activities, such as powerleveling or soliciting information.
    • They will NEVER ask for your account information.
    • They do NOT require any sort of payment or compensation—GMs have access to unlimited GP & NX, and they have no need for your items.
    • They will never offer to remove bans or "test you" by asking for items or NX.
    • They will not flaunt that they are a GM.
    • They will not threaten anyone with a ban.
    • They will not accuse anyone of hacking or exploitation.
    • They will never force players to do anything. This includes glitching and other exploits ("No Gates" in Fireteam, "Turrets Only" Quarantine).
  • GMs DO NOT and CANNOT:
    • Have any abilities that enhance their gameplay performance (ex. having more than 100 HP, going through walls, OPKing). Their abilities are no different from an ordinary player's.
    • Drastically alter the course of a round (no-clipping, turning invisible, unlocking safe room doors).
  • If you are kicked by a real GM, it will say "Kicked by Administrator" instead of "Kicked by Elite Moderator".

List of Current GMs (Combat Arms Global)

  • CoyoteCA (Product Manager)
  • GM-TheREALEris (Community Manager)
  • GM-DarkHelmet
  • GM-Asinus
  • GM-Kratos

List of inactive GMs (Combat Arms Global)

  • GM-evolet (inactive)  
  • GM-Viewty (inactive)  
  • GM-Phage (inactive)  
  • GM-LexMortis (inactive)  
  • GM-Xtreme (inactive)  
  • GM-MaxRecoil (inactive) 
  • GM-Hammer (inactive)  
  • GM-Nitro (inactive)  
  • GM-Undine (inactive)  
  • GM-Broda (inactive)  
  • GM-Basher (inactive)  
  • GM-Sinad (inactive)  
  • GM-SnipX (inactive)  
  • GM-Griever (inactive)  
  • GM-Titan (inactive)  
  • GM-Borg (inactive)  
  • GM-MaxMM- (inactive)

List of Current GMs (Combat Arms Brazil)

  • GM-Zoldyck
  • GM-Lummus
  • GM-ConT

List of inactive GMs (Combat Arms Brazil)

  • GM-Loganyr (inactive)
  • GM-Busted (inactive)
  • GM-Sath (inactive)
  • GM-Snow (inactive)
  • GM-Forsetes (inactive)


GMs are Nexon employees. As such, they are 18 or older, and must be able to maintain public relations with the community. They are also in-charge of receiving feedback from their users, and reporting it to their superiors. GMs are not allowed to tell players anything other than what they already know/are allowed to tell. They do not just give out NX or accept random player suggestions on the spot.

As the true Elite Moderators of Combat Arms, GMs roam the Forums and Community in order to maintain order as well as a healthy link between the players and the staff. Occasionally, they will host their own matches, known as GM Live Events, as an opportunity for normal players to face off against them.

GMs may play under their own secret and personal account.


GMs do not have any in-game advantages; they will play at the exact same level as any other player, barring stat changes from worn items. They can, however:

  1. Join any room at any time—even password-locked or full ones—and exceed the room limit.
  2. Send game-wide announcements in-game.
  3. Kick players without the use of Elite Moderator or Super Elite Moderator items. 


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GM Combat Arms EU Funçoes Spectator Mode (Invisible Hidden Mode)

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