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Br De Fr
Galil ACE
GP cost

1 Day - 1,100 GP

7 Days - 5,390 GP

30 Days - 21,450 GP

90 Days - 59,400 GP


Second Lieutenant/II



Ammo capacity


Rate of Fire70
Firing modes

Automatic, Burst Fire


Suppressor Scope Magazine

This modern update to the Israeli Galil was designed with a focus on combat versatility. Exchangeable barrels allow it to use a variety of ammunition types and nearly every piece can be customized to further tailor the rifle for each soldier's needs.
  — The Arsenal 


The Galil ACE can be thought of a cross between the M4 and the AK-47 . Although its predecessor is the AK-47, it is more on the M4's side (statistically). However, there are some flaws with this gun. Although this is one of the smaller assault rifles, it is quite heavy. The G36E is known for its low portability, but the Galil ACE is surprisingly heavier than the G36E (despite the size comparision in first person). It scores a low 55 point portability, along with the L85A1 series. The rate of fire is actually pretty decent and balanced, it is not the best, nor the worst.

The average fire rate for an assault rifle would be 74, but this weapon's rate of fire is a decent 70. That might not seem very different, but it is a major role. Since its recoil pattern is so easy to handle, and the fire rate is actually pretty decent, it makes the Galil ACE a good weapon to tap-fire with. Although players CAN go full auto with it, it is highly recommended that players tap fire with it from medium to long ranges.

Although the damage is high (scoring a high 43 point damage), most other guns can outclass it in killing rate. It can score a weak 3 shot kill to a strong 4 shot kill, depending on one's situation. The weapon does have quite of a damage dropoff, but it should not be a problem, as you should be only using it for medium to close range combat. This weapon does also have quite of a accuracy problem. Despite being on the higher accuracy side of assault rifles, it is a few points less accurate than the L96A1 . So it will have an issue picking off heads at a long distance (in short terms, it will fail in maps like Snow Valley and Kill Creek).

Like the ParaFAL, the Galil initally had a shrunk appearance in the game, this has been fixed in the January 2012 update; though it is not shown on the info yet, the rifle has a gained the Burst Fire function at the same update.


  • Although the front sight post of the Galil is present, the center notch is apparently missing.
  • The weapon is more of a M4 design rather than its predecessor, the AK-47.
  • Galil ACE stands for: Galil Advanced Combat Edition.
  • The true galil's real name is the INDUMIL Galil SCE, being based off of the AK-47 family, and is made in Colombia.


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