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Br De Fr
Main Galil ACE
Galil ACE
GP cost

1 Day - 1,100 GP

7 Days - 5,390 GP

30 Days - 21,450 GP

90 Days - 59,400 GP


Ico rank11 02Second Lieutenant/II



Ammo capacity


Rate of Fire70
Firing modes

Burst Fire






Iron Sight

This modern update to the Israeli Galil was designed with a focus on combat versatility. Exchangeable barrels allow it to use a variety of ammunition types and nearly every piece can be customized to further tailor the rifle for each soldier's needs.
  — The Arsenal 


The Galil ACE can be thought of as a cross between the M4A1 and the AK-47. Although based on the design of the AK-47, it is more similar statistically to the M4. There are a number of flaws in this gun. While it may look small, its portability stands at 55, nearing lowest among Assault Rifles, shared with the AK-47 and L85A1, among others, and only outshines the Rocco's M14 Hunter.

The damage is a weak 3 hit kill to a strong 4 hit kill. 3 hit kills are rarely made but they do happen enough to be notable,so 4 hit kills are to be expected. It does have some notable damage drop,as it will lose effectiveness over range faster then other assault rifles. The maximum range is on par with other assault rifles.

The rate of fire is below average but adequate; it is neither the best nor the worst. This weapons rate of fire,however,is a bit of a liability in overall usage of the gun,as the gun is more of a spray oriented gun,and the more bullets that can be put on target,the better. It is still very effective if surprised by an enemy.

The crosshair spread is tighter then average for most assault rifles,as it is a near bullseye when standing still. It expands noticeably faster then average,so bursts must be shortened to keep the crosshairs accurate. They do not have to be shortened very much though,but they do have to be shortened. The max spread is on par with most other assault rifles.

The recoil pattern will cause the gun to kick to the left and right diagonally,alternating every 3 shots. This allows the weapon to be quite tap fire friendly,and it also allows the weapon to be very full auto friendly,as this recoil pattern will often kick back onto target with sustained fire. Spraying down most targets with this weapon is it's strong suit,making the weapon perfect for medium-range encounters.

In summary,The Galil ACE is a strong close to medium range weapon. It's ability to accurately fire long sustained bursts at medium range is very notable,but it trades off being effective at longer ranges,where it is more difficult to use even if tap fired due to the damage dropoff.

Like the ParaFAL, the Galil initially had a shrunken appearance in the game. This was fixed in the January 2012 update. The same update added a burst fire mode to the gun.



  • Although the front sight post of the Galil is present, the center notch is apparently missing.
  • "ACE" stands for Advanced Combat Edition.
  • In real life, this is called the INDUMIL Galil SCE, and is based on the AK-47 family. It is manufactured in Colombia.
  • When this weapon was first released, the in game model was very small (smaller than most pistols). The size was corrected in a later patch


  • The drawing animation of the Galil ACE.
  • The firing animation of the Galil ACE.
  • The reloading animation of the Galil ACE.
  • The sprinting animation of the Galil ACE.

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