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This experimental assault rifle uses a unique loading system, placing caseless ammunition in a long magazine over the barrel. With its integrated scope, this rifle is capable of incredibly accurate burst fire and automatic fire
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The G11 is an NX Standard Assault Rifle which was first introduced on January 23rd, 2013. It was previously found in the game files.


When firing in full auto, the recoil goes straight up for the first 3-4 shots, and in a zig-zag pattern at 5+ shots. The magazine of the G11 is actually located on top of the barrel. When reloading, the player simply ejects the magazine and inserts a new one. When zoomed into its scope, it appears to be the same as that of the ACOG scopes without any attributes.

This gun is great for medium distances because of its decently controllable recoil, longer range and the damage drop off is almost completely negated by its huge magazine. It is also great in CQC because of its huge magazine and its fire rate.





Silver II
Silver III
(ACE) G11


NX Standard


  • This weapon has the largest standard magazine capacity out of any Assault Rifle in the game, but has the smallest total ammo capacity.
  • This weapon actually has a slightly longer range than most Assault Rifles. Its range is a little bit shorter than the M417 SB.
  • When firing, there are no shells ejected as the G11 uses caseless ammunition.


  • The draw animation of the G11.
  • The fire animation of the G11.
  • The scope animation of the G11.
  • The reload animation of the G11.
  • The sprint animation of the G11.

G11 banner

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