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Br De Fr
Main gi shovel
G.I. Shovel
GP cost

1 Day - 550 GP

7 Days - 2,695 GP

30 Days - 10,725 GP

90 Days - 29,700 GP




Melee Damage

Ammo capacity


Firing modes

Downward Slash (Primary attack)

Left-right swing (Secondary attack)



IRL Entrenching tool

Multi-use military shovel. Some Special Forces units permit and train in its use as a weapon in CQC during emergency situations.
  — Item Description 


The G.I. Shovel is the first melee weapon that could be bought in the shop. It is currently priced at 550 GP and was meant to be restricted to a higher rank instead of being able to be bought by anyone (though the plan was dropped). The shovel's stats are equal to the NX-bought Machete and the GP-bought Kukri melee weapons. The G.I. Shovel has a slightly larger damage, but slower swing speed. The shovel also has a further strike range, which meaning the wielder can outrange a player holding a M9.

Unfortunately, the Shovel has fallen in popularity, as more players opt for the slightly-weaker but much faster Sickle. Right-Clicking is the most effective mode of attack, due to its ability to kill with a click of a finger.



Silver I
1-Silver Star
G.I. Shovel
O.J.B. Shovel
Snow Shovel


GP Standard G.I. Shovel
Festive Snow Shovel
O.J.B. Shovel


  • G.I. stands for Government Issue.
  • In real life, this is more commonly known as an E-Tool (Entrenching Tool).
  • In real life the G.I Shovel flips out and is very sharp
  • Some people find the shovel noob when infact it is the exact same as a kukri


  • The drawing animation of the G.I. Shovel.
  • The primary attack animation of the G.I. Shovel.
  • The secondary attack animation of the G.I. Shovel.
  • The sprinting animation of the G.I. Shovel.

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