Watch your shot, F$@&!
  — The Male Player, on Friendly Fire 

Watch your shot, @$%hole!
  — The Female Player, on Friendly Fire 

I'm Hit! I'm Hit!
  — Male or Female Character taking damage from Friendly Fire 

Friendly Fire is a pre-game option able to be turned on or off by the Room Master. Turning this option on allows players to hurt or kill their own teammates with any weapon. This option can wreak havoc in games where players armed with Explosives could misthrow and hurt/kill their own teammates instead. Players may also kill their own teammates because they're bored, frustrated, for fun, have poor attitudes, or to help the other team.(Overly abused in spy hunt, mainly to prevent one another from obtaining an intel.)

Killing teammates gives the enemy team a point in Elimination matches, and the player also gains a death, while the person who Team Kills will not get a point for the kill.

The amount of damage a player takes from friendly fire is signficantly lower than damage taken from enemies. For example, a player shooting his full health team mate with an L96A1 will normally leave more than 50 HP. However, headshots are still OHK since the damage reduction still leaves the damage from a friendly headshot in the 3-digit range.

When a teammate is shot by another while Friendly Fire is on, instead of the normal "Watch your shot!" sound clip, the teammate in question would shout "I'm hit! I'm hit!" instead.

In clan matches, Friendly fire is always turned on. It cannot be switched off. Therefore, it is vital players actually aim correctly while both enemies and teammates are around you.


  • When a person is killed through friendly fire, he will not gain an additional point for amount of deaths until he is killed again by an actual enemy.
    • Thus friendly fire is useful in clan matches (where amount of deaths is crucial for winning). If a team mate's internet disconnects, another team mate can repeatedly kill the disconnected team mate to save their team from gaining extra points for death.
  • Friendly Fire is highly abused in Spy Hunt games, especially since any player can kill any teammate that can possibly obtain the intel.
  • Friendly fire may have a purpose in deterring cheaters. Sometimes, cheats (like OPK) don't distinguish between team mates and enemies. This means that the cheater would kill ALL members in the room, getting points for both teams.

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