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The Free Rotation System is a promotional feature that was first released on July 23rd 2014. It provides a changing set of 4 weapons that are available to all players for a limited time. The weapons change every week. 


The given weapons are placed in the inventory of the player after accessing the inventory once after login. They can be shown selectively in the category Free Rotation.

Starting September 3rd, every player was provided the same 4 weapons.

Players with a rank between Recruit to Command Sergeant Major(3) and with a KDR between 0.31 to 0.75, are eligible for the adjusted free weapon rotation, which provides 8 weapons.


It is stated that the free weapons do not differ from their original counterparts. [1] However, as they are marked as "free" items, they can't be forged, customized, modified, or renewed.


  • Due to critical bugs, this system has been put on hold and excluded from the Combat Arms Reboot Update in Combat Arms North America. It is available in Combat Arms Europe.
    • It has been implemented into Combat Arms North America after the Scheduled Maintenance on July 30, 2014.




  1. Official Announcement for Combat Arms NA, Retrieved June 22th, 2014

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