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Forging Hardware (also referred to as Weapon Parts, Forging Parts, or Special Items) are required to create/update/re-tool a weapon within the Gun Emporium.. They can be obtained from the Roulette Wheel


In order to create an upgraded weapon, several pieces of Forging Hardware are required (usually multiple numbers of each part as well) in order to forge items.

List of Forging Hardware

The following is a table that list all the Forging Hardware of Combat Arms.

Keywords (for Availability):

  • Available - Forging items available at the moment.
  • Unavailable - Forging items not obtainable at the moment.
  • Obsolete - Forging items that are no longer used.
  • Unreleased - Forging items that have not been released in Combat Arms, yet.
Forging Hardware Image Availability
Replica Replica Available
Replica Pallet Replica Pallet
Customization Parts Customization Parts
Battery Battery Currently Unavailable
Battery Pallet Battery Pallet
Paper Paper
Paper Pallet Paper Pallet
Plastic Plastic
Plastic Pallet Plastic Pallet
Screw Screw
Screw Pallet Screw Pallet
Water Water
Water Pallet Water Pallet
Old Replica Replica 2 Obsolete
Old Replica Pallet Replica 2 Pallet
Flour FLOUR Unreleased
Fish Fish
Fish Pallet Fish Pallet

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