This is a historical page that documents Weapons, Gear, Modes, Maps, Sales, or Events that are no longer available, and as such, information should only be added.

The Forging system has always been an easy way to find and create a wide variety of unique weapons. Whether you’re forging replicas of classic weapons from the wild west, legendary weapons that won (or lost) World War 2, or enhanced versions of modern classics, the downright bizarre becomes commonplace with the Forging System, and that’s what we’re bringing back to Combat Arms
 Combat Arms Command 

The Forge-A-Thon Event is a weapon forging event that ran from August 7th, 2013 to September 10th 2013. During the event, retired forged weapons were available for forging for a limited time.


During each week of the event, a weapon was available for forging. Below is the schedule of the available weapon to be forged and the requirements to create the it:

Week Item Weapon Needed Gun Emporium Item Needed
08/07/13 - 08/13/13

Box Gun

Box GUn 2



10 Paper Pallets

Paper Pallet High Resolution

08/14/13 - 08/20/13

Squirt Gun

Squirt Gun

USP or G23

USP and G23

8 Water Pallets and 4 Plastic Pallets

Plastic Pallet and Water Pallet

08/21/13 - 08/27/13

Guitar Gun


AN-94 or AK-47 Gold Plated

AN-94 and AK-47 Gold Plated

5 Plastic Pallets and 5 Screw Pallets

Screw Pallet and Plastic Pallet

08/28/13 - 09/03/13

Alien Gun

Alien Gun

USP or G23

USP and G23

15 Battery Pallets and 5 Plastic Pallets

Plastic Pallet and Battery Pallet

09/04/13 - 09/10/13

Toy Gun




1 Replica Pallet

Replica Pallet High Resolution


  • At the start of the event, the Squirt Gun required the USP and the Alien Gun required the G23 to be forged. It was halfway into it that Nexon modified the requirements so both weapons can be forged with either the USP or the G23.
  • There was a bug where the forged Toy Gun could be sold back for 120,000+ GP.


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