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You've all been to countless battlefields and faced many foes. As you feel the bullets whiz by you, what can you see? Your enemy's gear! I’m sure you notice when they have better weapons than you! I know that feeling of despair, feeling under geared.

I know it feels terrible when your rank's high but your gear doesn't reflect that. That's why we created what's called Flexible Acquisition . Let me go over the details of Flexible Acquisition. It's simply a system where you can purchase items for either NX OR GP! Amazing, right?

You won't have to feel inadequate against your enemies now. I'm not saying that you'll have access to EVERYTHING, unfortunately. Bubba Ares was feeling generous, but not THAT generous. What a cheapskate!

This is what he had to say: "You can use GP for one day rentals, but don't you dare touch my special collection. I mean, you don’t need to borrow something you already have, right?" That's right, you can use your GP to rent items for 24 hours. Since you're renting equipment, you have to return the goods as-is. That means you can't break or modify the gear!

But this should just be a minor thing for you guys. Bubba did want you guys to know that the fancy cosmetic items, various supply crates, or the unique functional items can't be rented. He’s gotta make a living somehow!

Oh and one more thing, you can now purchase permanent version of all the weapons that were sold for GP. Aren't you PUMPED? "Does that mean that I can't use these weapons for GP?" NO! You can still opt to rent these excellent weapons for GP if you don't want to spend your NX!
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