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Flecktarn Camo

Main flecktarn camo

GP cost
30 Days - 5,850 GP
90 Days - 16,200 GP
NX cost
30 Days - 1,200 NX
90 Days - 2,900 NX
Ico rank06 01Sergeant (GP only)
Supply Cases

A set of German WW2-era Flecktarn camouflage.
  — Item Description 

The Flecktarn Camo is a uniform camouflage.


The Flecktarn Camo has the color scheme of WWII-era German Military uniforms, consisting of various greens, red-browns, and black. The Flecktarn Camo (when equipped) changes the Player's Default Camo to the item's designated colors. The Flecktarn Camo can not be used on Specialists and Mercenaries.

It's available both in the Shop and the Black Market.


  • This camouflage also bears a slight resemblance to the reskin of Mei's MP7 MOD.
  • This "WWII era" camo is stilled used by Modern German forces today. It's red-orange tones are emblematic of the german army. Desert and Arctic variants also exist (not in game)
  • This camouflage was on sale for permanent duration during the Gray Friday Sale, at a price of 5,049 NX.
    • It was on sale for permanent again during the One Day Sale on April 26th 2013, for 3,861 NX.


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