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Flecktarn Camo

Main flecktarn camo

GP cost
30 Days - 5,850 GP
90 Days - 16,200 GP
NX cost
30 Days - 1,200 NX
90 Days - 2,900 NX
Ico rank06 01Sergeant (GP only)
Supply Cases

A set of German WW2-era Flecktarn camouflage.
  — Item Description 

The Flecktarn Camo is a uniform camouflage.


The Flecktarn Camo has the color scheme of WWII-era German Military uniforms, consisting of various greens, red-browns, and black. The Flecktarn Camo (when equipped) changes the Player's Default Camo to the item's designated colors. The Flecktarn Camo can not be used on Specialists and Mercenaries.



Silver I
1-Silver Star
Arctic Camo
Desert Camo
Urban Camo
Woodland Camo
Silver II
2-Silver Star
Flecktarn Camo
Tiger Stripe Camo


GP Standard Arctic Camo
Desert Camo
Urban Camo
Woodland Camo
Flecktarn Camo
Tiger Stripe Camo
NX Standard Flecktarn Camo
Tiger Stripe Camo


  • This camouflage also bears a slight resemblance to the reskin of Mei's MP7 MOD.
  • This "WWII era" camo is stilled used by Modern German forces today. It's red-orange tones are emblematic of the german army. Desert and Arctic variants also exist (not in game)
  • This camouflage was on sale for permanent duration during the Gray Friday Sale, at a price of 5,049 NX.
    • It was on sale for permanent again during the One Day Sale on April 26th 2013, for 3,861 NX.

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