The Combat Arms Wiki does not support the violation of Nexon's Terms of Service or anything that is construed by Nexon as such. This page is strictly for educational purposes, and is meant to inform the reader.

Grey Screen 'Flashlight'

White boxes, grey screen, white/grey/black lines






Fills other players' screens with white boxes or grey, white and black lines or grey out the whole screen

Flashlight is a new hack that was made public around July of 2012. The main purpose of the hack is to reduce other players' vision by making two-dimensional white boxes or gray lines appear on their screens that move around as they look around. This can be a very annoying hack if not taken care of early in the game, but it is normally paired with Anti-kick and possibly Soundwave.


Here are a few examples of what people see when the flashlight hack is used against them

Reporting Hackers

Every hacker should be reported, however make sure you are 100% sure that he/she is hacking before reporting. Helping a hacker or benefiting from a hacker is against Nexon's Terms of Service and is one way to get suspended and possibly banned from the game.

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