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Br De Fr
Main flamethrower
GP cost

1 Day - 2,800 GP

7 Days - 10,400 GP

30 Days - 20,000 GP

90 Days - 36,800 GP

NX cost

1 Day - 800 NX

7 Days - 3,400 NX

30 Days - 6,900 NX

90 Days - 12,900 NX


Ico rank08 03Sergeant First Class/III





Flame Damage

Ammo capacity


18 Seconds of flame

Firing modes




Not to be confused with the RMS12 Flamethrower found in Spy Hunt.

This weapon uses high pressure to project and ignite a stream of flammable chemicals, allowing a specialist to set the opposition ablaze with ease.
  — The Arsenal 

The Flamethrower is an Operative item added into Combat Arms during August 2009. It is purchasable both in the Black Market and the Shop.


The Flamethrower is said to be very similar to the RMS12 Flamethrower in Spy Hunt, but with limited amount of "flammable chemicals" (ammo) of 300.

This weapon is found to be one of the most useful weapons in Quarantine, due to the fact that explosive and fire attacks are the strongest against Infected. Although the Flamethrower is a great weapon, its users would often get raged at and kicked, due to the weapon causing lag to other players (see Trivia), and how its overpowered.

Players often use the M32 Grenade Launcher and the Flamethrower to get massive amounts of kills. The Flamethrower is also extremely useful and beneficial to bring in Cabin Fever/Black Lung to get massive amount of kills.

Many players complain about the amounts of lag generated by this weapon. When used, players that are general in the area of the weapon begin to a decrease in frames per second. Although it causes some players to lag, the user has no problems with the Flamethrower at all.


  • After the 8/26/09 Patch, this weapon has been "adjusted".
  • Flamethrower lag can almost always be solved by adjusting the options such that FX is in medium or low. This causes the frame decrease from Flamethrower to be virtually nonexistant.
  • The Flamethrower does not hurt its user, therefore players should use as an advantage to kill the Infected with this weapon while jumping around.
  • When in contact with the Flamethrower, some players' screens will have their screen go black due to incompatible graphics cards that are incapable of dealing with orange screen flashes.



  • The draw animation of the Flamethrower.
  • The fire animation of the Flamethrower.
  • The reload animation of the Flamethrower.
  • The sprint animation of the Flamethrower.
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