This utilitarian mask made from damage-resistant material also features a fearsome flame emblem.
  — The Arsenal 

The Flame Bandit Mask is a GP Facegear that was added in the 5-12-10 Supply Drop. The mask is available in the Shop, and is unlocked upon the player ranking to First Lieutenant/II.


The Flame Bandit Mask has +3 Headshot Protection and +8 SprintStamina. The mask features orange flames running down from the cheek to the chin area of the mask, a nosepiece with an opening for the nostrils, and air holes in the mouth area. The mask is worn for its statistics and for cosmetic reasons. The Flame Bandit Mask can be worn on any character except for Specialists.


  • It's the most expensive 1-day GP face item.
  • This item rivals the Tactical Mask, which is better in terms of statistics (even though it's unlocked at an earlier rank).This is not true in Combat Arms Brazil.


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