The Flag Bearer is the character who has picked up the enemy's flag in Capture the Flag game mode. When the player picks up the flag, the player suddenly becomes visible to all players on the map, friendly or hostile. When other players see this flag bearer, the enemy's flag is attached to his/her back as well. The Flag Bearer must return the flag back to his/her team's spawn point to score.


Flag Bearers are the highest targeted players, and they're pretty easy to locate because all players can see an icon of the player's name and a flag icon next to it (even through walls).

They are easily recognizable due to the flag attached to their back or the flag icon set next to their player tag.

Many flag bearers use their knife or similar weapon to avoid other players and get to their own base quicker. They also often use a grenade so that they can drop it if shot at. You may want a light vest or some other item that enhances your ability to sprint and run faster. Specialists are well suited for this game mode, especially Codename: Viper.


As a Flag Bearer, one cannot score if one's team's flag is captured by the enemy. It must be retrieved first. If this is the case, Flag Bearers are encouraged to hide in a "safe" spot and get a few people to defend them while the rest of their team attempts to get their flag back. In Junk Flea, the upper levels of the buildings in which each team spawns are recommended hiding spots, as they allow you to quickly get support from your team. They also allow you to score quickly, because the goal is right outside the base.

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