A rough view of Bravo team's flag in Cold Seed.

The Flag is the most valuable object in the game mode Capture the Flag. It must be defended by the owner team and must be captured by the opposing team. Both Alpha and Bravo teams have a flag, and they are shiny blue and red respectively.

Each team has a glowing colored circle (matching the flag color) on the floor next to their spawn point, where the flag is on. Both teams must defend their own flag and must capture the opposing team's in order to win. When an enemy reaches your flag, he/she would automatically steal it, notifying all of your teammates (and you) that it is stolen. When the enemy is killed, he/she drops the flag, where it counts down its "standing time". If another enemy grabs it, then your team must take him/her down; but if the time expires, the flag goes back to the glowing circle. When dropped, the number one priority is to have one of your teammates (or yourself) to reach the flag, causing it to go back to its circle.

If the enemy successfully brings your flag to their flag circle, they would get a Flag Capture point. Furthermore, your team must also do the same to get Capture points, meaning your team must take their flag and try to get it to your flag circle, too. So each team must have a defend/raid strategy to take advantage and to win the game.


In CTF, the player's screen will have an alert to inform all players in the team about both teams' flags, alerts include:

  • Your team's Flag has been stolen ("captured") by an enemy teammate.
  • Your team's Flag has been recovered by a ally or "standing time" has expired.
  • Your team's Flag has been successfully transported to the enemy's flag point ("touchdown"). (they earn one Flag Capture point)
  • Enemy's Flag has been captured by a teammate.
  • Enemy's Flag has been recovered by an enemy.
  • Enemy's Flag has been successfully transported to your team's flag point.


  • When your team makes a successful capture, triumphant music will play; when the opponent makes a successful capture, dramatic music will play.
  • When a teammate steals the flag, a short drum will play (for everyone on the team except the player who got it); when the enemy takes your flag a dramatic phrase will play.
  • When you take the flag, a sustained musical note will play.
  • If you return to your goal with the enemy flag when your flag is not present, a buzzer will sound.


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