This pistol is designed to overcome the weaknesses of 9mm bullets, instead firing the same cartridge as the P90. Plastic parts were used to reduce weight and the hammer is hidden within the slide.
  — The Arsenal 

The FN Five-seveN, known as the Five-seven in game, is an GP Standard Pistol.


The Five-seven is a GP Standard pistol that was released with the Quantum Labs Update on June 19th, 2013.

It is statistically similar to other pistols such as the K5 and K5 CAMO. As such, the Five-seven shares many similar traits to those said pistols; it has a high rate of fire balanced by low damage (4-5 hit kill), low magazine size, and medium to high recoil.





Silver I


  • The Magazine capacity of the Five-seven displayed in Combat Arms is actually an existing restricted size variant of its standard counterpart. The standard magazine capacity for the Five-seven is 20 rounds per magazine in real life, and if extended, 30 rounds.
  • Although the arsenal description said the Five-seven fires P90 cartridges, the weapon does 1 damage less than the P90.
    • In addition, when firing the weapon, 9mm cartridges are ejecting out of the gun.
  • When the Five-seven is drawn, the player is pushing down on the safety switch. It is set to firing mode.
  • It is unknown why the player is pushing down on the slide release to reload a magazine, and then cocking the weapon slide.
    • The magazine release button is next to the trigger. However, the animation did not show the player pressing down the magazine release button at all.
  • This weapon has an unusable flashlight attachment. Some other weapons with a cosmetic flashlight are the P220 Combat TB / SE and Kriss / SpecOps.


  • The drawing animation of the Five-seven.
  • The firing animation of the Five-seven.
  • The reloading animation of the Five-seven.
  • The sprinting animation of the Five-seven.