A stylish casual hat for sharp dressers. The soft felt is light and easy to clean.
  — Item Description 

The Fedora is a cosmetic item, where it makes the player's head gear look look like a casual hat. This item was released on the 9/19/12 Patch.

It is available at the Cosmetic Shop for various durations.


Just like any other cosmetic gear, the Fedora Hat does not give any statistics boosts of any sort, and only gives the player a cosmetic look. There are three options for the player to choose from: dark silver, light silver, and brown (refer to Gallery). The Fedora Hat looks similar to the Cowboy Hat in terms of hat shape.



NX Standard
Oktoberfest Fedora (Cosmetic Item)


  • On its release, the Fedora Hat (along with other cosmetic items) were on sale for 50% off. The sale was called the Dress Up Sale.


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