This area is dedicated solely for electing a Featured User for the CAWikia.

To see past elections, visit our Archive.

To nominate a Featured User, you must be a fully-registered and active user. Simply put your nomination in a subcategory.

Other users may then vote to Oppose: or Support: a listed nominee. A good, valid reason must be stated along with a vote, and you cannot change your mind after you have voted. (Believe me, we WILL know.) Users also cannot be indecisive; they must choose to either support or oppose, nothing in-between is allowed.

Once five votes for any one nominee are reached, the majority of those votes will determine whether or not the user makes the cut. A minimum of 3 votes is required to pass or fail a nominee.

Note that any user who nominates someone can no longer vote for anyone else, until the next voting period. Users cannot vote vote for themselves (obviously), or any other nominee. And lastly, no user can remove or edit any votes/nominations at ANY time.

A panel of un-biased user-judges will decide whether or not a voted user will make it or not.

====(Insert Candidate user name here)====
<Nominator's user name> has nominated <Candidate> because of <List Reasons>.


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